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Your high school age (9th-12th graders) have the opportunity to be a part of BESY. Which is part of the largest region in North America. Emtza Region USY stretches from Denver to Saint Louis, and all the way up to Winnipeg. There are a total of 18 USY chapters in EMTZA Region with whom we will join together several times throughout the year. Here is a guide to our annual events.

Regional Events

Kinnus This event is the largest event EMTZA Region holds throughout the year. It is held at a hotel in a different city every year. This event takes place over Thanksgiving weekend. Nearly 500 USYers attend this event. There are educational programs along with SATO, and other social programs. We hold our own services, and have great Shabbat experiences. This is the perfect time to meet young Jewish teens from round the Mid west.

Winter Shabbaton This event is held in January or February in a different city every year. You get a chance to stay in a home of another USYer from the hosting chapter. 100-200 USYers tend to attend this program. This weekends events are centered at the hosting chapters Synagogue. This event is somewhat like a smaller and shorter version of Kinnus.

Spring Kallah This event is held in a camp setting during April or May. This event centers around the election of our Regional Executive Board. Again 100-200 USYers attend this weekend.

Leadership Retreat This is an event held in a different city every year and is aimed for the leaders of each chapter. There are leadership training activities, Shabbat programs, Sichot, and Social and Educational programs.

BESY holds its own annual events too!

The Play This is our biggest event of the year. Each year our 7th-12th graders put on a Musical Production to perform for our community. We hold auditions at the end of November or the beginning of December.  Contact the youth department or synagogue office.

CMT (Chapter Membership Training) This event is held every spring. This is the event that welcomes the 8th graders into USY and says goodbye to the seniors. We hold our annual elections for our Chapter Executive Board.

The 2002-2003 year was a wonderful one for the B’nai Emet Youth Department. We had a variety of programs in every area.

Play: The year’s play was “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” We had great participation and everyone had a lot of fun. From what we heard, all who attended enjoyed the performance. We had many parents volunteer, making an effort to help and improve the play production. We received several thousand dollars in donations, and parents donated food for the snack sale before the play. We had a crew of parents who built our new stage, sewed costumes, put together the ad book, and of course, our parent play chairs worked many late hours to make this year’s production a success.

Twin City Wide Basketball Tournament: This year was an incredible year for BESY. We had tremendous participation in the tournament. The number of players was so large that we had to register two teams. Thanks to synagogue members who volunteered to coach both teams. USYers had fun playing ball, and one of our teams won the tournament and became Twin City wide champions.

Religious/Education: We had many successes to celebrate. This year, we quadrupled attendance at the Rebbe’s Tish. At Simchat Torah, we revised our activities by adding an educational component to our program with the preschool children. We were encouraging USYers to come to the daily minyan; and with some success, four to five USYers were at the evening service at least once a week. At the play rehearsals, we celebrated Hanukkah by lighting candles. Before the play, we had all USYers at the Torah service.

SATO: Social Action/Tikkun Olam programs were incredible this year. We started the year with a car wash fundraiser. The program was a success, we got wet, had fun, washed a huge semi-truck and raised a lot of money. Our next program was a food drive where we coordinated B’nai Emet memers for the holiday food drive and collected several thousand food items for the St. Louis Park Food Shelf. Penny War was another initiative that we had to meet. This was a regional goal to raise money for Holocaust survivors. Everyone was very excited about this event and we raised 50,000 pennies. The EMTZA region recognized this accomplishment since we collected the most pennies in the region, and the most pennies per member. At the same time we were collecting pennies, we launched another SATO program, the winter clothing drive. Over 500 items were collected. Another pilot program that we had this year was Rent-A-USYer. This program had a good start and we will continue to expand it next year. Our last fundraiser was the kidnapping of Rabbi Abramson from the bimah and his subsequent ransom at the Purim play. Besides fundraisers, we also organized several direct service projects.

CMT: CMT was a blast this year. The theme was “One Sweet World.” Every component of CMT was well organized and conducted. The highlight of CMT was the BESY board election. We had several members running for almost every position. A nice addition to CMT this year was Jewish Community Action working with us to organize social action programs. We did not find our last year’s time capsule this year, so we hid our current time capsule during the day and wrote very accurate directions. We are already looking forward to next year’s CMT to read our messages in the time capsule. It can be concluded from the survey taken at the end of CMT that it was one of the most successful Chapter Membership Training sessions.

Overall: This year was one of the best years for our chapter and our youth group. In honor of our accomplishments, the seniors planted another tree in front of the synagogue.


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